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Clothing recycling at MM

Have you noticed the new collection bin in the parking lot?  Your donation of textiles including shoes, clothes, hats, gloves, belts, purses, sheets/blankets, towels, drapes, etc.. is put to good use on a global scale.  The collected textiles and clothing are pressed into half-ton cubes for transport. Each week, 22 container loads of textiles and clothing leave the USAGAIN warehouse. This prevents usable textiles and clothing from filling up our landfills, and helps reduce the methane gas emitted.  10% of landfill space is clothing. The clothing is then shipped all over the world to countries, and offers an affordable commodity for those in need.  It creates jobs for people who then resell in communities where clothing is very difficult for people to afford. Each time a bin is full, USAGAIN plants a tree in a struggling country. 800,000 have been planted since 2013!

You can feel good about using this collection bin for your unwanted items.  Our school will also get a small portion of proceeds depending on how much clothing is collected, measured in weight.  Mission Meadows plans to use their proceeds to plant trees here at school!  Please check out this company for details about the impact they are making.  USAGAIN