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Do you shop on Amazon? Who doesn't?  Before you shop go to amazonsmile.com and choose your organization.  We are 4742 Mission Meadows PTA. You'll find all the same items except now every time you spend money we get .5% back to our school. And YES you can still take advantage of Amazon Prime.

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October 3
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Why WeTip?

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Because Everyone...Students, Employees, Citizens...Everyone needs a way to safely give information about something they know. A crime, a suspicion, an incident, a threat, something they suspect, ...more

New Resources you can access at HOME!

ST Math 
(Spatial-Temporal Math) is the leader in visual math instruction

he world’s largest interactive digital library with over 4,000 books geared for Pre-K through 12th grade

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Family Movie Night September 19th!

Great American Fundraiser

Our Great American Fundraiser is almost over.  Friday 9/19 is the last day to reach your fundraising goals. Visit store.gafundraising.com  to place any last minute orders.  Thank you so much to our families for the outstanding support of this fundraiser so that Mission Meadows PTA can continue to bring activities, events, assemblies, & family fun nights to our student.  Click here for full details/dates.

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Free to Low Cost Preschool

Here at Mission Meadows we have a wonderful preschool program for your 3-5 year old children, offered by EES (Educational Enrichment Systems). The cost is based on a sliding scale, the highest tier ...more

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Learn PY Math

Thank you to the families who participated in our Py Math nights.  Everyone is very excited to have a new game to play that is fun and builds math skills.  You are likely to hear about this game played at school in the future as some of our teachers plan on incorporating it into their classroom activities.  It also inspired one of our parents and students to start a Py Math club after school.  More details to follow on that!  To learn more visit pymath.com

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